Avoiding downtime first step in raising employee productivity

Would you think of starting a long road trip in your automobile without some idea on the condition of your vehicle? Not likely, most of us know that the condition of our vehicle directly relates to reliability and our ability to arrive at our destination with no surprises.

In business this lesson is lost, we know many businesses run their computer and information systems every day without knowing the condition of their servers, networks and desktop computers. The result? Unwelcome surprises.

At Jet Tech Information Technology we specialize in keeping your computer systems and your IT budget stable. As a certified service provider we use the latest in computer performance monitoring technology, this technology is able to report events and conditions on your systems before they cause downtime so that corrective actions can be taken.

Jet Tech’s dedicated staff can assist you in gathering information on your systems and in the evaluation of any system needs through our Network and Technology Assessment program.

Our Network and Technology Assessment program uses state of the art standardized data collection tools and processes. You will be presented with a report that can be used to document your network and technology health. Once you have this report in your hands a knowledgeable Syspro technologies staff member will assist you in determining if your company could benefit from one of our very affordable plans.

Please download our service plan price list(pdf file):

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